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    2. China Hotel Macau Taipa

      Grandview Hotel Macau, Taipa, China

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      Grandview Hotel is situated in Taipaís downtown area and going to and from the property is so convenient to practically any point in Macau. It is also strategically located near the best tourist spots in the area.

      Shuttle Busses

      The hotel provides guests with complimentary shuttle services commuting between the hotel and the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

      Taxis are easily accessible at the Macau International Airport and it only takes approximately 5 minutes to reach the hotel. If you donít have any heavy luggage, you may take Public Bus "MT1" and stop at the Macau Jockey Club Bus Stop (Choi Ma Wui as spoken in Cantonese). From there you have to cross the street and proceed to the right direction and in less than 3 minutes, you would find the hotel.

      At Portas de Cerco (Macau-China Border Gate), taxis are easily accessible, too. And just outside the border gate, you will easily find the Underground Public Bus Terminus where you can take #30 or #34 and alight at Macau Jockey Club Bus Stop.