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      Facilities: A Macau Luxury Hotel

      Restaurant and Bar
      At KUAN I HIN Chinese Restaurant, enjoy the many local and regional Chinese specialties and dim sum. Donít miss Grandview Egg Yoke Buns during dim sum time, as they are simply irresistible. The VALENCIA Restaurant offers the comfort of fine dining at the best value-for-money prices. It serves international cuisine including Asian specialties.?a href="http://www.maomr1212.com/restaurants.php">Read More?/a>

      Banquet Affairs
      You can always count on the Grandview Management & Staff when it comes to providing professional service and appropriate atmosphere for any event be it a wedding, shower, birthday & anniversary, graduation party and other types of gathering that needs careful attention. Our banquet planners will assist you in anyway they can to ensure that your event meets all your requirements and leaves you with only the good memories.?a href="http://www.maomr1212.com/banquet.php">Read More?/a>

      Health & Recreational Facilities
      Grandview Hotel keeps you fit and healthy with our swimming pool, Lavendar Spa, exercise studio, and sauna.?a href="http://www.maomr1212.com/health.php">Read More?/a>

      Business Facilities
      Our business facilities are apt for the modern needs of today. Grandview Hotel has conference rooms, business centre and reading room, and concierge for your special needs.?a href="http://www.maomr1212.com/business.php">Read More?/a>